Sleeping Beauty – the Pantomime!


Pantomimes holidays joburgCongrats on a great show guys! The reception from the audience was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the show thoroughly!!

Sleeping Beauty, THE pantomime was a modern day version of the classic fairytale, featuring an IT nerd hero, a Greenpeace activist for a Princess and a suitable evil Augusta Stern, recently fired from Castletech, the biggest corporation on Sandton Square. On the Eve of Aurora’s (the daughter of the chairman of the board of Castletech) 21st birthday, Augusta plans to poison the lovely girl using a ten tiered birthday cake that her nitwit sons managed to bake at home for the occasion. Featuring “The Dame” – journalist Gwen Gil, this panto had audiences giggling throughout the show.

Director:  Chris Esterhuyse

Musical Direction:  Candice Taylor

Production Secretary:  Claire Demmer

Scriptwriter: Claire Demmer

Choreography:  John Atkinson

Sound and Lighting and Backstage: Darren Fourie, Robert Cunningham, Delaine Cunningham

Makeup:  Lianne Gill

Starring: Taryn Brehm, Els de Bundel, Marius du Toit, Claire Demmer, Delia Leopold, Candice Taylor, Wendy Brehm, Katharine Forsyth, Carri Lyons, Chris Esterhuyse