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News from the Rec Centre

How our world has changed! The corona virus pandemic has left few, if any, of us untouched. And that includes the Franklin Players Community Theatre. As our President’s restrictions on gatherings are growing ever more stringent, many community theatres have closed their doors. And sadly, we still do not have a definite date for when the pandemic will begin to abate and restrictions on gatherings will be lifted. As a result, Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre remains closed to our theatre group until further notice even in this new year. 
While we are so very sorry, disappointed, worried, hopeful and everything in between at the disruption to our new season’s shows, we understand very well the importance of doing our part to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus so that we can all get back to life as usual, as soon as possible. Being a small, all-volunteer and non-profit community theatre group does not qualify us to receive national level arts grants, nor are we able to apply to national assistance programmes. So until such time we are able to grace our boards and open our doors again we are trying to keep our ongoing expenses to a minimum, and therefore ask that you please consider making a small donation to the Franklin Players or update your membership.

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy.
Our thanks!
Els De Bundel


Membership 2021

For those of you renewing your membership, the fee for the full year is R200 for adults and R100 for pensioners or full-time students.
Franklin Players Banking Details:
FNB Current Account
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 50400030074
Reference: Name & Surname, 2021


Franklinite Corner

If a weekly dose of skit comedy videos gets you excited, then check out “The Jon Project” on YouTube. Created by much loved past Franklinites Dimitri Stathoulis and Gareth Meijsen, these two talented and hilarious individuals describe their channel as “Two guys trying to make the world a better place through fun and laughter.”

Here’s a sneak peek of their new branding which hasn’t even hit the streets yet…

Be sure to catch their brand new sketch comedy short “Bond vs The Villain” airing this Saturday…

So go check out their Facebook page, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and you can also find them on TikTok – you won’t be disappointed!


Celebrity Quotes


Happy birthday to our January bunnies, belated and still coming.



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