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Franklin Players presents…

Lockdown Showdown!

Beat the lockdown blues with the Franklin Players’ variety show competition. If you love to dance, have a favourite monologue or song, or simply love playing an instrument that you would like to showcase – why not share with us and enter the ‘Lockdown Showdown’ – Franklin Players’ very first online variety show competition.


  • Competition entry deadline is Friday, 17 April 2020.
  • Competition is open to anyone and everyone – no age limit.
  • You can enter any or all of our categories – singing, acting, dancing or instrumental.
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday, 19 April 2020.
  • The winner of each category will receive four tickets to our next showcase.
  • Top five performances will be featured on the Franklin Players social media platforms (Facebook page and Instagram).
  • Winners will be invited to showcase their performance at the next live Franklin event after lockdown ends.


  1. Choose your performance piece (original or pre-existing).
  2. Record your performance.
  3. Post it on your social media pages – Instagram, Facebook or both. If you prefer not to post on social media, please send directly to committee@franklin.org.za using a file-sharing service such as www.wetransfer.com.
  4. Get your friends to like it!
  5. Finally – Tag us! 


  1. Entries must NOT be longer than three minutes.
  2. Entries must be ALL-age appropriate. No profanity or nudity will be accepted.
  3. One entry per person, per category.
  4. Include your full name, title of performance piece, credit the original artist / writer etc, and category under which you entered.


Script Writing Course

If you’ve always wanted to write a stage-play script, but haven’t known where to start, or haven’t had the time, join our sister society Startime Players for Playing with Time: Writing a First Draft Script! 

Starting on Monday, 6th April, every day for two weeks, you’ll receive an email lesson and exercise that will take you through the basics of writing a first draft stage-play. 

If you want to know more before signing up, take a look at the course content they have planned for you:

  1. Curtain Up – 10 Minute, One Acts and More
  2. On Stage – Architecture in Theatre
  3. Type Cast – Formatting and Layout
  4. Casting Call – Creating Characters Parts 1-5
  5. Plots Afoot – Plotting Pars 1-3
  6. Talking Heads – Writing Dialogue Parts 1-2
  7. End Scene – Sets and Props

Each lesson should take between an hour to two hours to complete, and by the end of the two weeks, you’ll have all the essentials you need to write a first draft script.

The course is completely free, so don’t miss out!

Want to know more before deciding? Send an email to startimeplayers@gmail.com

Join Startime Players for a course that promises to be an exciting journey into the world of script-writing for stage! 



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