June News


In a nutshell – we rocked!!  The two productions entered were extremely well received and we certainly did the Franklin name proud.

“11:59” was nominated for 4 awards and ended up walking away with Best Original Script (Hendrik Greyvenstein).

“Le Shaggy Dog” received a whopping 8 nominations and ended up winning 5 of these: Best Set, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Backstage, Best Actress (Jessica Urbani) and Best Actor (Hendrik Greyvenstein).

A massive congratulations to all those who participated, helped out behind the scenes and came through to support. The success attained at this festival could not have been possible without any of you and has gone a long way in establishing a firm relationship with EADS. We will most definitely be participating in future festivals to come.



After much back and forth, hair pulling and alcohol consumption (mainly me – Sam) trying desperately to find a workable / plausible solution for “Cause For Alarm” we have unfortunately had to shelve this production for the time being. However, don’t despair, all is not lost! As the saying goes, “the show must go on” and as such we will be putting together a variety show consisting of two One Act plays as well as  musical / dance tributes to the stage and screen!

Show dates will be 28th, 29th and 30th August. So diarise these now!!!

We will still be rolling over the charity fundraising to this production and as such 10% of all ticket sales will go to the Randburg SPCA. This is a truly worthy cause so let’s get some full houses!!



Due to popular demand membership cards are being printed and will be ready at the end of the month. Please contact our Secretary, Wendy Brehm, to get your hands on yours!



Despite our best efforts our original winner has failed to claim this prize. As such, we, the committee, decided to re-raffle the prize and the new winner is Cati Muller!! Congratulations!



Starring our own super-talented Els De Bundel, this production was a highly entertaining comic blend of mistaken identity and espionage amidst other mayhem at the Olympic Games!!

Thanks to all the Franklinites who went to support Els and RLT last weekend!


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