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More things would get done, if life didn’t get in the way” – H.C G Circa 2023

In a blink of an eye, 2023 is racing towards the month of July, amongst the madness of loadshedding, work commitments, family responsibilities, in short, Life.

Speaking of theatre, our One Act plays held at the end of March went off with a bang with 6 plays competing for the various titles. The standard gets higher each year and the adjudicators had a tough time deciding on the winners in the various categories.

Our committee decided to change the festival format this year by having a Gala Prizegiving evening on the last night of the festival. And everyone arrived dressed for the red carpet! It was a sight to behold.

The evening was hosted by our very own Claudia Noble-Areff and Kyle Pieterse. Between prize giving’s, the audience were entertained by skits, songs and dancing acts performed by our members. And when all was done and dusted, we let loose on the karaoke…It was a night to remember, and I for one, look forward to next year’s One Act Festival. I shall even prepare a song or two this time (Help us all!).

One Act Play Festival Results

Best Overall Production: Snaked
Runner Up Best Production: A not so dark and stormy night
Best Director: Tess Doust
Best Origional Script:  Ashley Nader – Butterfly Kisses
Best Set: A  A not so dark and stormy night
Best Actor: Mervin Lowe in George’s Miss Fortune
Best Actress: Traci Scerri in Butterfly Kisses
Best Supporting Actor: Nigel Qobo in Every Thursday
Best Supporting Actress: Natalija Cerimaj in George’s Miss Fortune
Best Ensamble: Snaked
Best Tech: Snaked.

Mid Year Production - Caught In The Net

As we all settle in for a dark and cold winter, there is a warm ray of light on the horizon. Mid-year play season has started. And this year we have a cracker farce for you, Caught in the Net by Ray Cooney. The follow-up to Run for your Wife that Franklin Players performed 3 times over the last 61 years.

Auditions were held in the beginning of May and our director, Hendrik Greyvenstein had his hands full getting a script in time for the audition’s sheets. With help from Mr Barfoot at Ray Cooney productions we were able to print what we needed, and all went smoothly, well most of the time.

Finally, the cast for Caught in the Net were chosen and rehearsals are well on its way! Thus, keep your eyes glued to our Facebook page for regular updates.

Finally, the committee decided to forgo the traditional barnyard table set-up this year in favour of the traditional rows to ensure that there are enough seats for bottoms of all ages! Online bookings opening soon!

A Litte Giggle

  • What did the thief steal on the theatre’s opening night? The spotlight. 
  • We should’ve guessed the failed postman wouldn’t be any better at delivering his acting lines. 
  • Thankfully, not too many thieves are interested in acting on stage. They’d surely steal the show. 
  • When the theatre owner dies, his visitation hours are as follows: 1pm, 3pm, 6:30 pm, 9pm, and midnight.
  • The skeleton would love to see the latest horror flick, but he just doesn’t have the guts for it. 
  • A blonde rushes to the ticket counter for a showing of Legally Blonde, but the cashier reminds her she just bought a ticket less than a minute ago. She says, “I know, but some idiot just tore it in half as I was about to enter.” 
  • I just got fired from my theatre job. I guess I should’ve made a bigger scene about it. 
  • When I bumped into this lady coming out of the theatre, she was kind enough to recommend I watch out man, but the ticket clerk can’t seem to find any showing for me. Go figure. 
  • The concession stand seems to continually be out of my favourite candy, but I always have a couple of Twix up my sleeve.

Source: https://punsandjokes.com/theatre-puns-jokes/


Famous people born in May/June

Three of my favourite actors, Morgan Freeman and Meryl Streep and Betty White have their respective birthdays In June. Here’s to many more years. May you all entertain us forever!

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