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Evening at Kate's
About the Show

‘Evening at Kate’s’ is a vibrant story about a spurned girl who just wants a tranquil evening at home. Despite it being a stormy night, a flurry of unwanted guests show up in a party mood, including the very individuals who are at the root of her distress. The show is punctuated by a steady stream of topical songs that pull the play together and showcase the beautiful voices of the cast.

Franklin went all out to raise the bar of their performances with a fully mic’d cast, upgraded props and a cheerful performance by these dedicated actors. According to some, it has been one of Franklin’s best musicals to date!

A HUGE thank you to the cast and crew for their exceptional work, and to all of you for embracing the show and supporting it.

In addition, Evening at Kate’s was a tester for our desire to be able to give back to the community, and we were absolutely blown away by your generosity to our designated charity for this show: Husky Rescue SA. In total we managed to raise R3093 in cash, and a car load (literally) of food and other goodies which is equivalent to at least another R1500. We are humbled by your generosity and willingness to help, and want to say a huge thank you to all of you who did contribute. Apparently, what we raised will assist in the rescue of at least 12 of these beautiful dogs in terms of vet bills and initial food requirements. That is a really amazing achievement!

For those of you that came to the show, you will know that Tryffen (a Border Collie that is ‘not a husky but likes to support the less fortunate’) did his thing and worked his magic on everyone to prompt the generous donations. In total he raised R2650 of the full value with his cart and his charm. It is for this reason that we are looking at paying it forward with the One-Acts and having Border Collie Rescue as our designated charity for that show run.

If there is one thing that became obvious from ‘Evening at Kate’s’, it is that we have some seriously talented people in our society and we should celebrate them and help to grow our talent, because it is just seriously cool to have such incredible potential. It is a real reason to be proud of our society and we hope that you feel the same way.

Here’s a review by our very own Dave Morgan:

I’ve never seen an audience buy into a production with such enthusiasm on an opening night as they did with this performance. They were laughing at the ridiculous ineptitude of the characters, groaning at the smarmy seduction techniques used, standing up cheering when the villain got his comeuppance and providing thunderous applause to the songs throughout this well balanced show.

The part of the mixed up and frustrated heroine Kate was played by Savannah Grant who wowed the audience over with her beautiful voice and realistic mood swings while her no nonsense stage sister Adel, played by Taryn Brehm, commanded audience approval of her handling of Josh in both song and stage presence. The audience loved the ineptitude of Pete played by Kenyon MacMurray and rose to the occasion when he heroically flattened Josh towards the end of the show. Cassady Morris won the hearts of the audience with her sexy  and convincing role of Swedish exchange student and party girl Helga.  Mrs.B, played by Cathy Clayton brought howls of laughter and approval as she set about Josh with her umbrella. The anger and frustration that she displayed in this role made her look like a true mother of spurned kids. Josh; the cad of all time was played by Juan Da Silva who brought the smarm of his character to the fore, with his seductive advances on the girls and passionate singing. The star performance however came from Wolf Schröder playing the role of Robin. He brought the comedy to the show with his split second timing and light hearted portrayal of this party animal.

But my hat however goes off to the whole cast who bought into their roles, becoming their characters and above all showing total enjoyment of performing this production. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on the audience very early in the show creating incredible audience interaction.

A very well done goes to Candice Taylor who produced the show and Cat Coxon who choreographed the show.

Check out some great photos here!

Director: Candice Taylor

Assistant Director: Carri Lyons

Author: Claire Demmer

Choreography: Cat Coxon

Sound: Dylan Moss and Carri Lyons

Lighting: Robert Cunningham

Production Secretary: Wendy Brehm

Front of House Manager: Wendy Brehm

Cast: Savannah Grant, Taryn Brehm, Kenyon MacMurray, Cassady Morris, Wolfgang Schroder, Kathy Clayton, Juan da Silva



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