Drama Classes / Workshops

Yes call them what you will, but our lovely Cat Coxon will be covering a lot of ground in these classes and it will be compulsory attendance for all actors, directors and anyone involved in the One Act productions. The classes will run every two weeks and will be staged 2½ hours before rehearsals so that you can test the advice given in the play that you are doing.  There will be five workshops in total. Topics covered will include:

3 February: Rehearsal process (early, mid production) for director, cast, effective rehearsals and warm-ups

17 February: Directing 101

3 March: Characterisation (4 styles)

17 March: Improvisation (very practical)

31 March: Revisions / Handling and making the best of critical commentary

This will be a trial period to see how they work out and if you guys buy into them – if they are found to be beneficial and enjoyable we will then schedule additional workshops for the rest of the year. This is a great way to get Franklinites more active and involved whilst helping to improve your skills and knowledge base.

2 thoughts on “Drama Classes / Workshops

  1. Hi

    I’d like to attend one of your workshops to see if I can be any good at acting. Do I need to register before-hand or can I just pitch up?


  2. Hi Elize,
    You don’t have to pre-register, just come along! Please note that if you choose not to pay membership fees, there will be a R50 charge for the series, just to cover printing costs.

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