Murder in Company – a chilling murder mystery

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About the Show

‘Murder in Company’ is a chilling murder mystery set in a community theatre group whose actor’s are busy rehearsing a play due to go on stage in two weeks time. When one of the young actresses is attacked and escapes, they all become nervous as suspicion falls on each one of the cast members, but when someone is murdered, both the cast and the audience will be hard pressed to say ‘whodunnit?’

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Everyone is nervous after a cast member is attacked.

The show had a good run and the cast was a mix of older Franklin and some newer members. We were fortunate to have a talented cast working on this suspense thriller and audiences gave positive feedback on the show. It’s the first time in 7 years that we ran a serious play in the midyear slot as opposed to the comedies or variety shows we normally do.

Director:   Chris Esterhuyse

Stage manager and  props: Carri Lyons

Sound and lighting: Dylan Moss and

Cast:   Els de Bundel, Stephen Holmes,  Kenyon MacMurray, Wendy Brehm, Sean Nieuwoudt,  Mervin Lowe, Nicky Pantland and Taryn Brehm.

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The confrontation between Phillip and Margaret.

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After the attack

the caretaker makes an appearance

The caretaker makes an annoying entrance into rehearsals