April News

Operation “Clean Sweep”

Because we are not yet allowed any visitors or spectators at the Rec Centre, the Franklin Players committee has taken it upon themselves to clean up the backstage, basement and garage once more. Great strides have already been made and although there are strong rumours that the hall is up for renovation by the City, we have decided and taken it upon ourselves to make the backstage more functional and usable. Please watch out for any messages on our social media platforms as we may be in need of all forms of assistance.
Currently, if anyone wishes to donate items such as paint or monies or your time, simply DM a committee member or find us on social media.

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy.
Our thanks for your continued support!
Els De Bundel
The Franklin Players Community Theatre


Did you know?


  • Shakespeare’s Globe is the only building in London allowed to have a thatched roof since the Great Fire in 1666.
  • Under the pseudonym Doctor Spin, Andrew Lloyd Webber released a top 10 single in 1992 called ‘Tetris’.
  • The term ‘Off-Broadway’ is not geographical. Broadway theatres have 500 seats, off-Broadway have 100-499, off-off-Broadway have less than 100 seats.


(Ben Hewis 04/01/2019)


A day in history


April 23 every year is celebrated as World Book and Copyright Day. Sometimes called World Book Day, or International Day of the Book, World Book and Copyright Day celebrates all things book-related: writing, reading, translating, and publishing.
Observed by millions of people in more than 100 countries, the day has won over a considerable number of people from every continent and all cultural backgrounds to the cause of books and copyright.

How to observe:

  • Design a bookmark
  • Review a list of recommended books
  • Share a list of your favourite books
  • Follow in social media with #worldbookandcopyrightday, #worldbookday, and/or #internationaldayofthebook
  • Buy a book
  • Help children create reading habits

Other exciting days on 23 April:

  • Movie Theatre Day
  • Slay a Dragon Day
  • Take a Chance Day
  • Talk Like Shakespeare Day
  • Work Intellectual Property Day


Current shows on circuit

  • Rose by Martin Sherman (23/04 – 16/05). Market Theatre
  • Cantiamo, Mzanzi Opera Celebration (25/04 – 02/05). Joburg Theatre


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to our April bunnies, belated and still coming.


News from other societies


Protea will be holding a musical showcase in May 2021. More news regarding date and venue to follow.



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