Allo Allo

I will blew my wostle

The famous British television series was rewritten with all the best jokes from series, and turned into a full length play. The “Portrait of the Madonna with the Big Boobies” has been hidden by Edith from ze Germans and also from Rene, and she will not tell anyone where it is. When the war is over, she plans to sell it. Naturally, everyone wants the portrait that day, and it is decided to give it to Hitler himself as he tours the regions. The resistance is, of course plotting as usual to blow him up…

Edith Sings!

Director: John Atkinson

Stage Manager: Carri Lyons

Starring: Spencer Rowley, Claire Demmer, Alex Hattingh, Paul Redpath, Randolph Potter, Kathy Clayton, Samantha Freese, Ronel Fortune, Thulani Mthetwa, Ashley Nader, Taryn Brehm, Cynthia Gaddin, Lianne Gill, Marinela Pereira

I can take you for a spin in my little tank

I vill play for you ze violin

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