2015 One Act Festival

2015 Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

After overcoming several major obstacles, the One Act Play Festival successfully concluded showcasing an array of new talent, a kaleidoscope of creativity as well as a champion multi-tasking and crisis averting committee!

Although we had to forfeit a large portion of our ticket sales due to the load shedding “Eishkom” débâcle, we still managed to raise R1000 for our chosen charity – The SPCA, Randburg. We would like to donate a larger sum of money and as such have decided to roll over the charity fund-raising to include a portion of ticket sales from our midyear production.

We would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank EADS for all their support and help behind the scenes during the festival and most of all for coming to the rescue with an inverter when load shedding had left us in silent darkness! It was fantastic having EADS enter the festival this year and hopefully we will see them back  again next year!



Best overall production – 11:59
Runner-up best production – Hit and Match
Best director – Hendrik Greyvenstein, 11:59
Best original scripts – 11:59 and Where There’s A Will
Best set – Le Shaggy Dog
Best actor – Ben Fry, Where There’s A Will
Best supporting actor – Alan Samson
Best actress – Inga Lion
Best supporting actress – Tracy von Bulow, 11:59
Best newcomer – Teresa Neumeyer, Where There’s A Will
Best novice production – Where There’s A Will
Best cameo role – Storm Oosthuizen, Hit and Match


Director – Samantha Keller, Le Shaggy Dog
Director – Johan van Rooyen, Hit and Match
Production – Three’s A Crowd
Adapted script – Jessica Urbani and Ashley Nader (Slick Dame)
Most socially relevant script – Three’s A Crowd
Most suited music – Slick Dame
Best use of the couch – Where There’s A Will
Merit for acting – Samantha Keller
Merit for acting – Avrill Cameron, Black Comedy
Best use of costume – Ashley Nader
Best poster design – Slick Dame
Best ensemble – Black Comedy
Most convincing emotional performance – Lindajane Hinton


This year’s festival showcased a jam packed line up of 9 productions, including 3 entries from our fellow am dram society, Edenvale Acting & Drama Society (EADS).

Download the Programme »

Here are posters of the nine plays that took part:

Le Shaggy Dog - 10 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Le Shaggy Dog
Four French soldiers have managed to live out the war in the comparative luxury of a small French castle with all of the amenities. Suddenly their lives are thrown into disarray when they learn the war has caught up with them and they must now make a plan to ensure that they all survive.



Hit & Match - 10 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Hit and Match (EADS)
A lonely hitman turns to online dating to find love.






Black Comedy - 10 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Black Comedy (EADS)
Brindley and his fiancée, Carol, have borrowed some expensive furniture from his neighbour’s flat in order to impress an art collector and Carol’s father. Then the power fails…




Three's A Crowd - 11 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Three’s a Crowd
Friend: One joined to another in intimacy and mutual benevolence apart from sexual or family love. The dictionary is half right, but what happens when you throw in reality, choices, secrets and feelings of desire? See how Simon and Kerry deal with the intricacies of their friendship and outside influences.



11:59 - 11 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

The play is set in a guesthouse out in a small Karoo town called Helspoort, where a national convention for Tupperware sales ladies has been held for the last 40 years. Niki, the host of the guesthouse, Almost There, is not what you would expect and she has been waiting for a guest to fulfil a promise made 24 years ago. The three house guests: Guinevere, Gwen and Vera are somehow related, which the audience only finds out at the end of the play as it comes to its bizarre conclusion. This drama of hope, lost love, murder and ultimate debt explores the darker side of human nature…


Don't Shrink Me - 11 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Don’t Shrink Me
Don’t Shrink Me is a play that delves into the often misunderstood world of therapy. Therapy attracts people from all walks of life making for some interesting encounters. People go to therapy for a variety of reasons and automaticity assume that therapy is a “safe space”!



Slick Dame - 17 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Slick Dame
Valentines Day only happens once a year… How far will you go to make it memorable?





Where There's A Will - 17 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Where There’s a Will
Aunt Sarah dies unexpectedly one morning, and niece and nephew Thereza and Peter inherit everything. Farm, horses, 4×4, flat screen… everything. Or so they think. Thereza discovers that the will is missing and as it stands now, the church inherits everything. Watch as the family’s secrets are revealed as they become more desperate to find that will. What will they do if they don’t find it? Where there’s a will, there must be a way…


Hell and Damnation - 17 April 2015 - Franklin and Friends One Act Play Festival

Hell & Damnation
Lord Charles is busy with the household accounts, when the tax collector arrives to take everything away.







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