Year End Musical


While ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ has some technical difficulties with the script we are happy to announce our plan B. Auditions were intense and after a very difficult deliberation the cast has finally been chosen for Aladdin And The Lamp, Franklin’s end of year musical written and directed by Els De Bundel.

It’s far away and long ago when storytelling was an art. When Sinbad sailed the seven seas and Ali Baba led his 40 thieves. So begins the massive task of rehearsing Aladdin and his Genies. Yep, you heard it here… Not one, but twoooo genies! Added to this tale is pretty Princess Jazz, her father the Emperor of China and our evil Zaritha, sorceress extraordinaire and the Emperor’s right hand woman. Give it some Ying and Yang, two ditzy sergeants named Chop and Suey, and you have an year end play. Now we just need to rehearse….

So be it ‘salam wa aleikum’, ‘ni hăo’ or just hello, come along for a magic carpet ride with the Franklin Players in November 2016. Keep an eye out for developments and our double whammy of fundraising attached to this massive project all in the name of developing community theatre.

Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November
Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November


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