The Odd Couple

The Pigeon Sisters

A visit from the "Coo Coo" Pigeon Sisters.

2011’s dry comedy of the year! Well done, guys, for a fabulous mid year production. Despite lower audience numbers due to the Walk the Talk, shockingly cold weather and everybody being down with the flu, we had a great run. Everyone who saw the show said that it was excellent and some came back twice! Great job!

The Odd Couple - Cast and Crew

The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon, follows two men who have recently become divorced who decide to become room mates. Unfortunately, the one is an obsessive compulsive neat freak and the other a total slob. Hilarious combination of two opposite personalities!

spencer and hennie

Tensions start to rise

Director: Dewan Demmer

Assistant Director: Ana Holmes

Production Secretary: Wendy Brehm

Props and Backstage: Carri Lyons

Starring: Hennie Greyvenstein, Spencer Rowley, James Chisholm, Stephen Watkins, Daniel Oosthuizen, Mervin Lowe, Traci Scerri and Shirley Tique.

franklin players mid year comedy 2011

The guys meet for a not so friendly poker game!


One thought on “The Odd Couple

  1. I had such an awesome time! The Odd Couple was my first play and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience (except for set-building ha!) — super cast, made many new friends, thanks everyone! 🙂

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