Run For Your Wife

Run For Your Wife - Franklin Players mid year 2016 productionAs promised, our mid-year production was nothing short of spectacular and has definitely raised the bar as far as productions at Franklin go!

A resounding well done and congratulations to Hennie and everyone involved.

We also raised over R1400 for our furry friends at FORA (Friends Of Rescued Animals) so thank you for filling those seats!

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When first approached to direct the 2016 mid-year production, my immediate choice was Run For Your Wife by Ray Cooney. The first play I starred in as a Franklin Players member, 13 years ago.

Auditions spanned over two weekends and with a very limited budget, the production crew and I set out on the mammoth task of putting together a cast and then building a stage set.

Over a period of 11 weeks the crew spent a total of 75 hours on stage that went by in a flash and before we knew it opening night loomed before us.  Needless to say sleepless nights and constant worry had taken its toll on my frayed nerves. Was my cast ready? Would they remember their lines verbatim? Would the audience find the play funny? And why, oh why did I agree to direct this play in the first place?

Then the curtains parted on opening night and, like the audience, I was swept away by the hilarious madness unfolding on stage and all my fears dissipated like mist before the rising sun.

Looking back now, the stress of directing seems trivial, because the laughter from audiences each evening during the four performances was a reward that only directors and cast members can truly appreciate.

My conclusion is that the 2016 mid-year production was a resounding success and without a doubt the best cast ensemble that I’ve had the privilege to work with. This may have been an amateur production but it was performed by true professionals.

So until the 2017 mid-year production, I say to everyone involved, a heartfelt thanks and “Break a leg”.

Hendrik Greyvenstein
“El Directore”


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