Noises Off!

Act II - Silence Backstage!

Noises Off! – a farce in three acts, by Michael Frayn was 2010’s big mid year production. With a huge revolving double storey set in three parts, and a cast of nine experienced actors, this show was the highlight of 2010. It is one of the most difficult farces to stage, as it is literally a story about a play within a play and most of Act 2 involves very little dialogue, other than what you hear in the background, and it is entirely actions that the audience see. Congrats to Franklin for pulling this one off with style!

The Cast Of "Noises Off!"

Director: John Atkinson

Assistant Director: Chris Esterhuyse

Production Secretary: Wendy Brehm

Props and Backstage: Carri Lyons

Starring: Spencer Rowley, Claire Demmer, Ricky Veale, Taryn Brehm, Jeremy Forsyth, Cat Coxon, Danielle Blanchard, Jai Sewram and Hennie Greyvenstein.

The Sardines? The sardines.

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