Mid-year show update


Following the tremendous success of the One Act Play festival, auditions were immediately held for the mid-year show. The turnout was great, and better yet, included 6 incredibly talented new-to-Franklin actors, all of whom will undoubtedly play fantastic parts in Franklin’s current and future shows.

For those who don’t yet know, the mid-year show is ‘Bedroom Farce’, a hilarious take on the neuroses of middle-class marriage written by renowned British playwright, Alan Ayckbourn.



It all began – and nearly ended – one night at Malcolm and Kate’s where the housewarming party is rapidly descending into disaster. As Malcolm’s DIY table totters delicately in their bedroom on uneven legs, the house swarms with wayward gusts of passion given the cast of characters that includes a party pooping couple with a tendency to disrupt and destroy chinaware and atmosphere in violent abandon, a woman contemplating the subtle attraction of the same sex, another seeks respite from her moaning sulky bed-ridden yuppie of a hubby, amorous infidelity looms under the lights with a devilish grin and blues and angst roil on the floors in tremulous seething tragicomic discontent. But, the night is still young and when the drama spills over into the bedrooms of two other couples, with their own teething marital issues, has just starting being bunged up! Amidst these treacherous waters, will true love find its wanton way and will all be well at the end of this rip-roaringly outrageous typhoon of a rueful comedy of four couples and three bedrooms and bedroom manners that maketh the true lover??!!!



Under the astute direction of Tamara Allkins, winner of the ‘Best Overall Production’ at the one act festival for ‘What Tangled Webs’, and well-travelled actor, Suresh Nampuri, who has performed to acclaim both locally and abroad, and who graciously helped to adjudicate at the festival, rehearsals for this truly hysterical two-act play are already underway. So…

Congratulations to the selected cast!!! – who include exceptionally talented newcomers, Dani Tillier, Luversan Gerard, and James Urbani, and established Franklinites, Kathy Clayton, Nkopane Makhetha, Samantha Keller and Taryn Brehm.

The production team also includes producer Els de Bundel, who wrote and directed the phenomenally successful 2013 year-end show, ‘Heroes and Friends – The Sort Of Real Adventures of Robin Hood’, and experienced production secretary, Wendy Brehm, so the calibre of cast and crew is certainly top notch!



Performance dates are as follows (all shows 7 for 7:30pm):

Friday, 25 July
Saturday, 26th July
Friday, 1 August
Saturday, 2 August



Ticket sales open at the beginning of June, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details www.facebook.com/FranklinPlayers

Prices are extremely reasonable (adults: R70 per night; pensioners and scholars: R40 per night; Franklin Members also only R40 per night!). To book, simply contact Wendy on 082 366 9987, or e-mail: bookings@franklin.org.za

Please note that bookings are confirmed upon payment.


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