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Mid-year Madness

We are super chuffed to announce that our mid-year production has been cast!! 

CAUSE FOR ALARM” is an hilarious comedy centered around safety inspection day at a nuclear power plant and all the chaos that ensues as one thing after another goes wrong.

The talented bunch that came to audition made the casting process a lot more challenging than anticipated, and as such we would like to thank each and every one of you who came through to share your time, energy and skills with us. 

We are ready and rearing to kick rehearsals off next Monday! Let the fun and games begin…

27th & 28th July, and 3rd & 4th August


Pint-sized Surprise

There was such an encouraging turnout at the auditions for our mid-year show, but of course there weren’t enough roles to go around. So we have decided to put together an additional cast or two for various skits to be performed during our mid-year run, AND also to represent Franklin Players at this year’s “HANG:10” short play festival to be hosted by our fellow thespians at Protea Stage Management in September this year! How cool is that?!

The idea is that each production will be “pint-sized” and therefore no longer than 10 minutes or so, and it sounds like it’s going to be a blast! Casting will happen very soon so keep an eye on your Inbox if you came to last week’s auditions. Watch this space for more details about this exciting project and what Franklin will be bringing to the stage… 


SANCTA Nominations

Last year’s mid-year production of “THE RAT TRAP” has been nominated for various SANCTA awards and members of the cast and the committee will be attending the awards ceremony this Sunday 20th. The specific category nominations are still to be revealed but we shall include a full detailed report in our next flyer. Good luck to all our nominees!


Protea Stage Productions

As mentioned above, Protea will be hosting their first “HANG:10” festival of 10-minute plays this September (dates to be confirmed), which was inspired by their recent Showcase which received extremely positive feedback from both the audience and players. Franklin is excited to be taking part in this event and will be casting very soon.




The annual EADS Showcase will take place in less than a month, on 8th and 9th June. The showcase is open to all societies / groups / persons involved in the Amateur Performing Arts in some way. Be sure to book your tickets at as soon as possible – it’s sure to be a treat!


RLT Productions

RLT sent us a message of thanks for mounting yet another superb One Act Play Festival last month and they were delighted to be a part of it. They send congratulations to all fellow entrants and are looking forward to next year’s festival which just seems to get bigger and better each year. We can’t wait!


Call for Scriptwriters

If there are any budding Panto scriptwriters out there, please do make sure you get busy writing pronto! Panto season is around the corner and it would be great to have some original homegrown Franklin scripts to choose from! 


Theatre Trivia Quiz

  1. Who wrote “Oliver Twist“?
    Charles Dickens 
  2. What is the surname of the family in “The Sound of Music“?
    Von Trapp 
  3. In the musical “Spamalot” one of the songs “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” was directly imported from another Monty Python project of which name?
    Life of Brian 
  4. Out of all the songs that became Top 10 Billboard hits (“Grease”, “Hopelessly Devoted To You”, “You’re The One That I Want” and “Summer Nights”) which was the only one that actually came from the original Broadway Production?
    Summer Nights 


Theatre Funnies





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