Franklin Does Broadway!!!

All That Jazz

Franklin Does Broadway was our 3/4 year show, featuring all the best and well known Broadway songs from the past 60 years! Directed and produced by Mandy McMaster and choreographed by Kumo Konopi-Segaole, this show was put on stage in just 6 short weeks, but thanks to hours of practice, and a very talented, dedicated cast, we put on a decent show!!

Cat does Janet's "Toucha Toucha"

Our 3/4 year show is never set in stone – it is more of an experimental platform in which the directors or producers of a show can put on a show of almost any genre. It is also a platform to bring new blood into Franklin, as well as using talented performers from other shows who may not have necessarily been selected to do our big mid year acting piece.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Candice and James do "Mungo Jerry and Rumpleteaser"

Starring: Candice Taylor, James Chisholm, Joy Alexander, Cat Coxon, Tina Fraser, Kat Forsyth, Selina Dhlamini, Claire Demmer, Traci Scerri, Taryn Brehm, Wendy Brehm, Alex Hattingh, Owen Swart, Johnathen Bester, Teri Goldberg, Li-att Mayer, Carri Lyons, Kumo Konopi-Segaole, Clezzo Dhlamini, Mervin Lowe

Producer: Mandy McMaster

Choreographer and Stage Manager: Kumo Konopi-Segaole

Production Secretary: Wendy Brehm

Backstage: Mervin Lowe and Clezzo Dhlamini

Set: Hennie Greyvenstein and Spencer Rowley

Props: Carri Lyons

Sound and Lighting: Des and Robert Cunningham respectively

Thanks to Robert Cunningham for his stunning intelligent lighting that he loaned us for the show.

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