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Peter Goes To Wonderland
Written and Directed by Jessica Urbani

When Peter’s shadow decides to go on a journey to discover his own identity, he decides to return to where it all began – Wendy’s house. It’s not long before Peter arrives, hot on the heels of his wayward shadow to reunite with Wendy. Turns out things haven’t been running so smoothly in Neverland and Peter has had a lot on his plate. To top it all off, a young girl named Alice has been taken captive by the Red Queen in their neighbouring town of Wonderland and is being held ransom for all the tea in China!

Wendy convinces Peter that they have to rescue poor Alice from the Red Queen’s clutches, but Wonderland is a place of madness and in order to survive the journey, Peter realises that they need a guide, and a crazy one at that. There is, of course, only one man for the job – Captain Hook. Fortunately, Hook has a score to settle with the Red Queen stronger than his distaste for Peter and so the shakily aligned band of misfits head for the place of madness.

Will they make it to the Red Queen’s keep and rescue Alice? Or will Wonderland work its magic and claim them all forever?

17 & 18 November
24 & 25 November



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6 thoughts on “Forthcoming Productions

  1. hi there,

    I’m already a paid tv actress but i haven’t anything for theatre since high school about three years ago i’d really love to join your theatre group. is the joining process limited to a certain time of year??

    • Hi Itu, apologies for the late reply! I have given your email address to one of our committee members, Els de Bundel, who will make contact with you soon 🙂

  2. Hi there …

    I’ve been desperate to get involved in theatre again and would love to know more about your group. Is it weekly sessions? How do I get involved? 🙂

    • Hi there! We are currently holding auditions for our year-end musical – have a look at our Auditions page for dates & times of auditions – hope to see you there! Once a production has been cast, we meet and rehearse at Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre (map and address on this page) on Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings and Wednesday evenings. Please contact Wendy on 082 366 9987 or for more info.

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