Colours of Music

The Colours of Music was Franklin’s year-end musical in 2010. It followed the story of a grey person who takes a metaphorical journey through the heart of the city, meeting all sorts of bright characters along the way in order to gain colour in their life. A dancing show with some singing numbers. Featuring music with a colourful theme.

Director: Marinela Pereira

Choreographer: Cathy Rowley

Starring: Taryn Brehm, Shikara Singh, Kathy Clayton, Teri Goldberg, Grant Prinsloo, Stephen Watkins, Cathleen Limerick, Carri Lyons, Lays Bammesberger, Ryan Julyan, Cathy Rowley, Alice Bester, Chelsea Rowley, Monique Grobbelaar, Candice Taylor, Elit Ben-Attar, Jenny Schmidt, William Davis, Jamie-Lee and Jessica Smerkovitz, Demi-Ray and Gino Pereira, Chloë Raubenheimer, Cameron and Daniel Rowley

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