Babes on Broadway


2009 saw our Big Bang musical “Babes on Broadway” take to the stage. Featuring a female only cast, and songs from Broadway shows from all time. Favourites included songs from the show “Wicked” which is still running on Broadway to well loved tunes from “My Fair Lady” and There’s no Business like Show Business! The aim of this show was to put on a show of professional quality, despite being an amateur cast, and, as a cast member, I can truly say that Sean and Paul worked us hard in order to achieve this goal. Congrats on a slick, professional show, guys!

Director: Sean Redpath

Producer: Paul Redpath

Starring: Kathy Clayton, Marinela Pereira, Cathleen Limerick, Candice Taylor, Claire Demmer, Alex Hattingh, Taryn Brehm, Wendy Brehm, Li-at Meyer, Terri Goldberg, Cat Coxon, Carri Lyons, Anita Jack, Cathy Rowley

There's no Business like Show Business

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