Auditions wrapped up!

So that’s it, auditions for the Franklin & Friends One Act Play Festival went well and we’re just waiting to hear who nabbed the roles… watch this space.


The curtains open 12 and 13 April and 19-21 April 2013, so we need to get our skates on!

We’re waiting for final confirmation, but for now the following plays will be taking part in the festival:

The Basement – Ashley:- Franklin; Adult drama about mistrust and deception.
(2 male, 1 Female)

Strip me to the Bone – Ashley:- Franklin; Adult comedy about a hen party that goes all wrong.
(2 male, 4 Female)

Caught in the Act – NJ:- published play about two confused characters in a bed.
(1 male, 1 Female) (Pre-Cast)

Grim Affairs – Wolf: – Franklin play about things not being as expected in the underworld.
(3 male 2 female)

The Puppet – Claire: – Franklin Play about the interrogation of a prisoner.
(1 Male)

Ipi Zombi? – Robert: – Published Story telling play with singing and dancing.
(14 roving natives)

Appointment with God – Dave:- Family drama with conflict and misunderstandings.
(1 Male, 2 Female)

Judge Heartfelt – Taryn Thomas:- light hearted court room look at couples in conflict.
(4 (3)male, 4 (5) female)

Any Final Request – Hennie:- Franklin Monolog about a guy on death row.
(1 male)

The Ending – Hennie:- Franklin Play about writers block.
(2 male, 1 female)

The Wine Steward – Hennie:- Franklin Farce in a restaurant.
(male, 2 female)

The Final Battle – Philip:-
(male, female) (Pre-cast)


Some plays have directors, others not so if you are up to chancing your hand at direction send an email to The play list is not finite and may change if any difficulties in productions are found.



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